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Wheel Chair Stair Lift

If you are considering your options for a way to get up and down stairs using a handicap stair lift, a wheel chair stair lift should certainly be considered alongside a chair lift for stairs. If you or a loved one has a lot of difficulty leaving moving in and out of a wheel chair, a chair lift may not be the best solution. Wheel chair stair lifts allow the user to remain in the wheel chair when using the lift, making the process of using the lift much easier for some.

A wheel chair stair lift runs in a manner very similar to a chair lift for stairs. Like a chair lift, it can be installed on both curved and straight stairways, but curved models will cost a significant amount more. You will have a choice of similar drives as to those used by chair lifts (pinion drives and cable drives are the most common).

A wheel chair stair lift is often a much cheaper option than a cage elevator, since they will be built onto an already existing staircase and you will not have the construction expenses associated with building the elevator, ramp and other retrofitting that is often necessary with a elevator lift. A wheel chair lift is also often a much quieter option than an elevator, especially if you select a rack and pinion drive for the lift.

As with chair lifts for stairs, you need to think about power options. If you live in an area that has frequent power outages, you may want to consider purchasing a model that uses battery power or has battery power backup so that you will not be stranded in an emergency. (The battery models use rechargeable batteries)

Careful consideration of the needs of the person who will be using the lift will let you know whether a wheel chair lift or a chair lift for stairs is the best choice. For more information and articles about how to select different chair lift models, please return to the Chair Lifts for Stairs main page.