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Chair Lifts for Stairs: What Are Your Options?

If you are considering purchasing a chair lift for stairs for your home, you probably already know that this can be an expensive proposition that needs much research.  Prices for chair lifts for stairs models can range wildly according to manufacturer (although none are cheap), and you should carefully consider the following factors when making your chair lift for stairs selection.

1. What Kind of Stairs Do You Have?

You can selects chair lifts for stairs models for a wide variety of stair types: indoor, outdoor, straight and curved.  However, the more complicated the stairs, the more expensive the model.  Typically, the more affordable stair lifts for chairs models are those that are fitted onto a straight staircase where the rail is cut to fit the length of the stairs.

2.  What Kind of Model will You Select?

Currently there are four main different chair lifts for stairs models on the market: cable chair lifts, chain stair lifts, screw (or worm) chair lifts, and pinion (or rack) drives.  Cable and pinion drive models tend to be the most popular, but you should research all these different models. When doing this, be sure to check reviews for the manufacturers of these different models, as well as reading the manufacture information sheets and guides.  Be sure to see if you can find out how expensive any repairs would be to these different models, and if these repairs are covered by any warranty.   Some popular chair lift for stairs manufacturers include Acorn, Summit, Ameriglide, Access, Bruno and Stannah.

3.  How Will the Chair Lift Look in Your Home?

Given these will figure prominently in your home, you may want to consider the aesthetics of the chair lift you are considering purchasing. Do you like the way it looks? Some factors to consider include the different ways in which the gear racks are positioned on the chair lifts.  In some models, the gear rack is in plain sight, while on other models they are hidden.  Other aesthetic issues involve styling and comfort.

4. What Is It Made From?

You also need to considered what kind of materials the chair lifts for stairs are constructed from.  Choices tend to focus on either aluminum, steel, or a combination of the two metals.

5.  How Much Will It Cost to Install?

Finally, when researching chair lifts for stairs be sure to figure in installation costs as well.  Often the installation costs will exceed the costs for the chair lift alone, and careful research of different manufacturers’ prices needs to be done.

6. Battery or Electric?

If you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, you should seriously consider purchasing a battery powered chair lift so that you will or a loved one will not be stranded in the event of a power outage.

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