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After years of carefully researching the Altdeutscher Shaeferhund lines and breeders, Tina Barber, breed founder of the Shiloh Shepherds, personally selected the first (new blood) import puppy to be utilized in the future development of the magnificent Shilohs. Artus has been fully recognized by the ISSR, Inc as a Red/White papered Shiloh.

We will continue to share his development and progress with you through this site. Trillium Hill Kennel is proud to take on this challenge!

November 1999 Update:

At just over two years Artus is over 27 inches in height, weighs in at 123 pounds (pure bone and muscle) and is being trained in obedience and early Schutzhund by Tina Barber. At one year of age in November 1998 he was x-rayed for his OFA preliminary and received a rating of Good.

In his first year at stud, he has sired six litters with a total of 35 pups.  They are confident and highly intelligent with good bone and wide, well-shaped heads.   We are extremely excited about the quality he has contributed to our gene pool! Please read the breed warden's comments about his pups.

Litter Evaluation Reports of Pups Sired by Artus in 1999:

Litter Evaluation Reports of Pups Sired by Artus in 2000:

(Photo courtesy of Barb Cullen of Vision Kennels)

2002 Update

Artus is currently one of the highest living and active ROM studs in the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry with 2350 ROM points.  He is prominently featured in the recently produced video, "Introduction to the Shiloh Shepherd."

Artus has passed the heart certification test, administered by Dr. Sidney Moise of Cornell. 

2005 Update

At 8 years and in retirement, Artus is the father of 3 GV's:  Trillium's D'Shelby V. Highlife, Dayspring's Timber of Highlife and Vision's Chain of Command from his last litter with Vision's Iron Maiden.  He is the highest living ROM stud in the ISSR, Inc. with 5080 points.

2008 Update

Artus has taken the changes in our family in stride and continues, at 11 years of age, to be the vital spark in our household. He is truly one of a kind!


Here are pictures of Trillium Artus Zum Soehrewald and his sire and dam!

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(V) Quanti vom Schloss Birkenstein (BH, AD)
Hips "a normal"
LMX (1L-5)

Hips "a normal"
LMX (1L-8)

Artus at 3 weeks

These flock guardian dogs are bred for excellent hips and temperaments. Artus's pedigree shows that out of 62 dogs in 5 generations only 1 FAST NORMAL is listed. The rest are all "a" Normal.

Artus arrived in the US on March 16, 1998. "After 23 hours in a crate, when I picked Artus up at the airport, he stepped out on the dock like he owned the place! I put a leash on him, and he walked down a flight of (open-grated) icy stairs like it was nothing! In the dark, strange new place, he grabbed my scarf to play and slipped out of his collar, while a plane was taking off! "I know that many 3 mo. old dogs would have spooked under such conditions! I just said "here" and he came right back to my side, so that I could put his collar back on. Who could ask for a better reaction?"*

*(taken from the Altdeutscher Schaeferhund article written by Tina Barber in the SSDCA Newsletter, July 1998).

Here are other pictures taken shortly after Artus's arrival in the United States.

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Artus Shows His Stuff! (March '98) The Pups of Penns Creek, March 1998
Artus at Penns Creek, 12 days after his arrival in the USA Artus with Raz, Eve, Isabelle and Talisman

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