We waited for 3 1/2 years for  Adam--and he has been well worth the wait! Please join with us as we celebrate his first three years!

Meet Adam's Parents

Photo used with permission of Siskiyou Shepherds
 GV 3xNS Multi-bi Ch. Williamette
Siskiyou's Chaos
pennHip Excellent
bCh. PTD. Zion's Raven out of the Mist (Mistie/Laz)
pennHip Excellent

Photo used with permission of Tina M. Barber

Photo used with permission of Tina M. Barber

Some Highlights of Adam's First 12 Months

Tina said his litter would be spectacular--and she was right!

Adam at his LER
Salem, OR

Adam and sister Meg play with Ucky Ducky at Auntie Pam's
Seattle, WA

3 Months

After safely flying home to New York in early July, Adam, always well traveled, visited Canada, Homecoming and Gettysburg in August.

 BIS Jr. Puppy Homecoming

Earning  his herding aptitude certificate in Canada, August 2000

BIS Jr. Puppy Homecoming Friday

On Little Round Top, Gettysburg, PA

Wow, what a view!

All tuckered out after finding a trail that had been abandoned since the '40's on Big Round Top

6-7 Months

November -- in the office at New Zion December--just turned 7 months Merry Christmas!

8-9 Months

1 Year Old Josh and  9 Month Old "Grandpa" Laz

5 Year Old David with 9 Month Old Adam

Tina feels that between Adam's temperament, size and even the white blaze, he is without a doubt as close to a Laz "clone" as anyone can get! 

CHAOS.jpg (20295 bytes) 2595.jpg (27127 bytes)

Photo used with permission of Siskiyou Shepherds

Photo used with permission of  Tina M. Barber

Adam and David at New Zion / March (pre-storm!)
Photo used with permission of Tina M. Barber

His breeder thinks he looks just like his daddy but the breed founder thinks he looks just like Laz.  What do you think?



13 Months

Adam is now returning to the silver sable color that the breed founder predicted he would be!  Aside from this pretty shading, we think that he is structurally maturing into a Laz look-a-like. What do you think?

Presently he is a member of the NESSA drill team, and will be happy to show off for you at this year's upcoming HOMECOMING!

January 2002 Update

Adam has received an OFA Prelim Good.

JUly 2002 Update

Adam Gettysburg 2002

Note: While we have returned from our trip, the following story is in the
present tense...and was written the evening of our most "excellent

Wherever we go, people ask what kind of dog is that? A wolf? A shepherd? A malamute? A police dog? A seeing eye dog? (He's with you because you need him, dear, right? He's your seeing eye dog.)

Today however, the curiosity worked to our benefit. Jim has taken upon
himself the Herculean task of taking pictures of every monument and
battlefield marker on the field. He thought he would be able to do the three days in three days, but we've spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on Day 2 and still have not gone past Devil's Den...in other words, for those not educated in Gettysburg minutia we are probably not even half done-and this with spending probably a total of 15 hours over the past 3 days (between trips to York taking Artus to the vet to do his "thing"...) trying to cover Day 2...

Today we got a late start (due to the 4 hour round trip to York)-but Jim thought we would at least be able to cover the Devil's Den area and the Loop (Wheatfield) and return home around 7...but first he wanted to take pictures of a couple of monuments that were way off the beaten path, just before the Big Round Top area. Adam loves to hike-loves to go in front and lead the way, carefully sniffing the ground and occasionally the leaves of bushes on either side... He will look back periodically to make sure that I'm doing ok and today would stop and wait for Jim to catch up in the rear before forging on. (Poor Jim didn't get to rest because as soon as he would catch up, Adam would start up the path again). He got us to the two monuments-we took our pictures. Adam even got into the act and found a marker on his own, sniffing it out.

I didn't want to go back the way we came because it had rained and I was afraid the ground wouldn't be firm to go down hill at a relatively steep grade. Adam (not on his leash now) went over to the path which continued on, nodding his head and pointing at it. I said to Jim, let's follow Adam. And off he went to the continuation of the trail (too narrow even for horses), again proudly leading the way, waiting for us to catch up and then forging on. Jim however was sure that he was leading us away from where we needed to be to again reach the road and thought that we would be coming out of the heavily wooded area (with huge boulders, wild vines and thorns) too far away from his truck. So he took matters into his own hands and took the lead from Adam. Adam reluctantly left the path although he did try to head back a couple of times, but would not leave me. Over huge dead tree trunks, across the creek (several times), we wandered as Jim tried to head toward a clearing, always heading towards the left...(Adam was trying to go to the right)...Gigantic boulders, huge drop offs-we had to detour several times.

At last we reached the edge of the woods. We were in a field and in the distance we could see a farm building. There had to be a road and since Jim knows Gettysburg like the palm of his hand, we were sure we would be coming out close to the Wheatfield Road and would be able to trace our steps back to the truck. We followed the long driveway to the road, which wasn't marked and ended up on Ridge Road...Then Knights...Jim wanted to go on Round Top Lane but I talked him out of it (good thing too as it just looped back eventually to Ridge). He refused to ask anyone for directions and insisted that the next intersection we came to would be Wheatfield Road...but it wasn't.

We were in suburbia not the battlefield. And a windy suburbia at that. Two people with a huge dog (who walked very closely at my side). It was after 5--we had been lost for 2 hours. The sky overhead was threatening rain and we had no umbrella and two expensive cameras. Jim was starting to become very tired. But he still refused to ask directions of the numerous drivers passing us.

Then-a car stopped in the middle of the road and a woman asked us what kind of dog Adam was. I told her a Shiloh Shepherd and she wanted to know more-she thought he was a magnificent dog. We mentioned that we were lost and asked how far it was to Wheatfield Road-it was a mile away and from there several miles to our truck. She asked if Adam would be ok in her car-I said yes, he jumped in and immediately settled down and we told her about Shiloh Shepherds for the next 10 minutes as she drove us to our truck. As soon as she stopped the car, he jumped over the back seat and walked out with me...Saved by Adam!

Adam July 2003 -- Antietam National Park

The intelligence, the nobility of these dogs-what a job Tina did in developing them!

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