Officer Duties


a. Preside at all meetings.
b. Observe the laws and usage of the VFW.
c. Ensure Post business and activities conducted so as not to violate  any laws or regulations.
d. Appoint officers and Committee Chairmen to serve at his pleasure.
e. Approve all funds disbursed and countersign with QM Post checks.
f. Assure QM bonded and that all dues be paid to District, Department and National along with accurate reporting.
g. Assure all activities as required by the VFW are promptly reported.
h. Encourage all eligible veterans join and maintain membership.
j. Attend all properly called District, and Department meetings.
k. Comply with and perform all duties required by VFW by-laws and rituals pertaining to the duties and obligations of the Post Commander.
Failure without just cause could result in removal from office.

Senior Vice Commander (SVC)
a. Preside at meetings in absence of Commander.
b. Understudy and assist the Commander in the performance of his duties.
c. Chair the Membership Committee.

Junior Vice Commander (JVC)
a. Preside at meetings in absence of Commander and SVC.
b. Understudy and assist the Commander in the performance of his duties.
c. Chair the Activities and Awards Committees.

Duty of Quartermaster (QM)
a. Receive and hold all monies and other properties of the Post.
b. Pay out monies only after properly authorized by minutes of Post meetings.
c. Ensure position is properly bonded.
d. Collect all monies due Post and give receipts, notify all members in arrears and collect dues.
e. Credit National, Department and District per capita dues funds.
f. Transmit dues payable to Department and National in a timely manner.
g. Maintain a dues reserve fund of half all member dues paid annually, to be credited to General Fund annually in July.
h. Maintain a Relief Fund and other funds as may be approved by Post meetings.
j. Maintain the books and records at all times in a neat and efficient manner and be ready for inspection.
k. To serve as Treasurer of all Post Committees.
l. To keep all books and post records at the Post facility.

Duty of Adjutant
a. At the direction of the Commander prepare all reports as required.
b. Attest by his signature and the seal of the Post all official actions of the Post.
c. Keep the following books or files properly prepared:
1. By-Laws, Ritual and Manual of Procedure of National, Department, District and Post;
2. The original application of every member admitted to the Post;
3. Record of the proceedings of each meeting of the Post after correction and approval by the membership;
4. A file of all orders or circulars issued by the C in C, National Council of Administration,  Department, District and Post Commander;
5. A correspondence file;
6. Proof of eligibility file for all Post officers;
7. A role of departed comrades.
d. All books and records should be kept at the Post facility.

a. Visit the sick and shut-in Post members and report on same.
b. Organize and lead all Post and ceremonial prayers.
c. Organize and lead all Burial and Memorial services.

Judge Advocate
a. Provide Commander interpretation of By-Laws, Manual of Procedures and Ritual.
b. Interpretation of local laws as applicable to Post operations.

a. Promote health programs for the benefit of the Post and the community.
b. Maintain an up-to-date file of prevailing health issues.

a. Quarterly audit the QM books and records and report to the membership the results.
b. Prepare quarterly Trustee audit report to submit through the Commander to the Department Quartermaster for
referral to the Department Inspector.
c. Verify all expenditures of the Post for correctness and accuracy.
d. Audit all committees having receipt or expenditure of Post funds.

Officer of the Day
a. Custodian of the Post colors, altar flag, Bible, ballot box, gavel and other property for Post meetings

b. Inspect member dues cards at beginning of each meeting.

c. Make Post property available at opening of meeting and retrieve at close of meeting.
d. Control balloting when ballots are cast.

Sergeant of the Guard
a. Allow no one to enter Post meeting without a current dues receipt or life member card.
b. Notify the Officer of the Day of the presence of all distinguished guests.

Service Officer
a. To assist members of the Post, their widows and orphans and other worthy cases brought forward in obtaining rightful benefits from federal and state governments.
b. Preparation of the proper forms and assembling the evidence required in connection  therewith.
c. Work shall be performed in accordance with VFW Guide for Post Service Officers with supervision from  the Department Service Officer.


(These descriptions mirror those published in Sec. 218 of the National VFW By-Laws)