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  • Support U.S. veterans and their families
  • Support District, State, and National VFW goals
  • Support our local community
  • Provide assistance and sponsorship to local Boy Scouts and Cub Scout Packs


Mr. Les Kephart and Mr. Bob Connelly were instrumental in organizing VFW Post 5867 which was charted on February 6, 1946. Kephart was the first Post Commander from 1946-47 and Conley was the fourth commander.

The VFW took control of its current building in 1956. The Lakeside Community Center building was built from 1946-48 with bricks manufactured in El Cajon by Beryl & Roy Brick Yard. White Construction Co. organized the construction of the center utilizing community volunteers.


Post 5867 is named and dedicated to both Howard Carter and Rowland Smith, both from Lakeside, California, who were killed in action during the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Smith was serving aboard USS Oklahoma and Carter was serving aboard USS Dobbin.

Howard Carter
1917 – 1941, US Navy
Rowland Smith
1921 – 1941, US Navy

USS Oklahoma Dec. 7, 1941

USS Oklahoma
Dec. 7, 1941


U.S.S. Dobbin Circa 1925