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Installing the Arlo Pro, 2 Camera Security Camera System  

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Hi everybody uh, this is Tim. I'm just gonna try to show you my setup that I did with the Arlo Pro home security system. I bought a two camera system for $400 and it's working out great. That was about two months ago. I just hooked up the hub, the Arlo Pro hub to my old MacBook and I keep it connected with an ethernet cord. And I can just you know close this and it stays online.

 I'll show you the cameras outside that are connected to the hub. It's pretty simple. And how you connect the cameras is you just push this button down on top and there's a button on top of each of the cameras as well. As long as they're like within you know a foot or three feet I think it is. Uh, they connect through the z-wave or whatever the technology is. And they work great it they're out back I'll show you what they're doing out back. So one of the cameras I have set up over there on the post (I'll try to zoom in there, it's very simple) and then I have one behind me on the steps. And here's the other one on that on the steps. I'll try to upload the video from from the Arlo pro camera and show you, hah, I'm recording at the same time as it's recording me and you can hear me talking on both.

Both cameras have a magnetic mount and can be placed on a flat surface or mounted. I've heard some speculate that the cameras are a different size, but they aren't. In fact, they are both compatible with the same skins, mounts, batteries, solar panel, and even Arlo's upcoming smart security light. And they use the same base station.

And yes, though the cameras are cordless, they do require the Arlo Base Station which must remain plugged into Ethernet and power. The Pro Base Station has a built-in siren and a USB slot for local storage. Pro and Pro 2 also share the same compatibilities including integrations with Echo Show, Echo Spot, IFTTT, Stringify, and SmartThings. And they offer the same modes which you can customize for each camera.

You can use geofencing so that the cameras will automatically arm and disarm as you come and go, you can create a schedule, or you can create custom modes for each camera individually. For example, if your indoor camera detects motion and audio, it should sound the siren and send a push notification. All recorded footage is saved to your “Library,” where you can filter events, share them, or even download them. The first major difference between Pro and Pro 2 is resolution. Arlo Pro is configurable up to 1280 x 720 while Arlo Pro 2 offers up to a 1080p resolution. Both offer a 130° field of view. The difference in resolution is in the details. When looking at things like leaves and blades of grass, you can see that Pro 2 is clearer.

And uh again basically the one camera is there and then the other one is over there. And you can see it it just connects with a little magnetized post that goes in with one screw it's really simple and you can you know adjust your angle as you wish. So that's about it the Arlo Pro home security system is really very simple to install. And if you need some help, I'll definitely be able to help you with that..


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