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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions surrounding Health Insurance for College students.  We have provided answers to some of the most common questions that our clients ask.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at info@collegeinsuranceonline.com.

The school requires health insurance, do I have to accept their plan?

No you do not have to accept the health insurance plan that the school offers.  Most colleges and universities require that each student carry health insurance coverage, but there are many options available.  Some students find that their college-sponsored health insurance plan is inadequate or too costly.  We offer full featured health insurance plans that are designed for the active lifestyles of today's young adults.  The coverage is comprehensive and the premiums are affordable.

My family has a health insurance plan, does this still cover my college student?

If your child is currently covered on your health plan as a dependent, check with the plan to see if she can remain on the plan as a full-time student.  Some insurers allow dependent children to remain on their parentsí health insurance plan for as long as they are full-time students.  Other insurers have age limits - for example, with some plans, dependents over the age of 22 get booted off the plan, regardless of their student status.  The other important consideration is whether there are healthcare providers near campus that accept this coverage.  Often we find that plans do not have providers in the area of the campus. 

The college has a health plan available, how does your coverage compare?

Our college health insurance plans are specifically designed for the active lifestyles of college students and young adults.  Our health insurance plans typically offer more comprehensive coverage (often dramatically better) and almost always are less expensive than the health insurance plans offered by the college.  Another important distinction between our health insurance plans and most school-sponsored plans is that the school-sponsored plans only cover the insured while the student is attending classes and often excludes coverage during holiday breaks, summer vacation and post graduation.  Our health insurance plans include all times of coverage, whether attending classes or not, as long as the premium is paid.

Isn't private insurance more expensive?

Because college students are generally healthy in nature, we find that it is often less expensive to provide health insurance to a college student through an independent plan than in a group plan.  Think about it, under a group health insurance plan, the coverage must account for both healthy and unhealthy participants.  In the case of a healthy college student or young adult, this is the optimal health insurance risk for a carrier, so they price it accordingly.

Quick Facts...

  • College students and young adults are typically quite healthy and options for health insurance.
  • You don't have to accept the health insurance plan the school is offering.
  • We can provide you with options that are affordable.

Other thoughts...

As young adults transition from their childhood homes to a more independent life, it is imperative to protect their financial security.  Consider identity theft protection as an easy and inexpensive method of getting a young adult's financial independence off to a good start.  College students are particularly vulnerable to identity theft.  Solera offers its Financial Protection Plus plan, which features LifeLock identity theft protection for less than $9 per month.  (Learn more) 

Are there special considerations for attending college out of state?

Almost all college students that are attending school out of state will need a health insurance plan.  If the student is covered under a family HMO plan,  students often find that they are left with only emergency room coverage when they are away at school.  Under a family PPO plan, students can be faced with significant out of network costs.

I have health insurance, but where can I get dental or vision coverage?

Solera offers a series of plans under its very popular HealthStar brand.  HealthStar offers a series of Dental, Vision and Rx plans available on a national basis.  Learn more about our HealthStar plans: