I haven’t been in Bozeman for very long, but I already know that there are some amazing restaurants in Bozeman, Montana. Yes, there are some pretty bad ones too, which I hope to steer you away from. Consider me your personal guinea pig. Checking out all of the eats around these parts so you can just go straight to the good ones.

Wild meat is popular and a speciality around these parts. If you are looking for amazing ribs, there aren’t far away. There are some great sushi (yes, I said sushi) restaurants in Bozeman as well.

Top Restaurants in Bozeman, Montana

As I go to different restaurants, this list will change!

Dave’s Sushi - a wonderful sushi restaurant with classic and new selections and a great atmosphere

Old Chicago - A truly American restaurant! Pizza, fatty food, and tons of beer on tap, with many TVs on sports channels.

Buffalo Wild Wings – This is a classic American sports bar, with TVs everywhere and amazing buffalo wings!

Restaurants near Bozeman, Montana

Damasco’s in Belgrade – Want real Italian in Montana? Then you must check out this place!