Beer and Breweries

Beer in Bozeman

beer in bozeman

Beer seems to be a pretty big thing in Bozeman.

Lots of people drink it, lots of places have it, and lots of people make it.

One of my favorite places, which is so American in my book, is Old Chicago. Not only do they have fabulous pizza, but they have lots of beer on tap, and a great beer tour.

Yes, you can actually earn things by drinking beer!

It may be a chain restaurant, but that actually, in this case, doesn’t make it less awesome.

 Breweries in Bozeman

I love fresh beer on tap.

And there is nothing like fresh beer from a brewery.

Luckily Bozeman, MT is not lacking in breweries. There are 3.

And interestingly enough, when you can go to a brewery you can only drink 3 beers. Because you are actually test tasting it.

They also close at 8.

But it doesn’t make breweries less cool!