Mardi Gras in Bozeman

So Tuesday was Mardi Gras in Bozeman, and they were doing a fun pub crawl! It was a great chance for me to see the downtown, get to know some friends, and a chance to win $1000 in downtown bucks!

Mardi Gras Bozeman 2012

There were nine pubs and bars in Bozeman participating. Get a stamp at all of them, and be entered in the drawing. There was also some beads along the way (no shirt lifting necessary).

The first stop on the tour, and one of my favorites, was the Bacchus Pub.

The Bacchus in Bozeman

This Bacchus guy is the Greek God of wine. The stain glass use to be window pieces of the hotel that once stood here. Now he resides over the bar.  They also had very cool heads on the wall.

Head in Bacchus bar

This was a great start to a fun night. Next up was The Crystal. Another great Americana bar!

The Crystal in Bozeman

The bar was pretty empty, but still early (7pm) for a Tuesday night in Bozeman, Montana. This bar was really fun because of all of the decorations!

The Crystal decoration

Even included some bras on the wall :)  Unfortunately the beers were already catching up with me and the picture I took was blurry. No worries! On to the next bar, which was Santa Fe Red, a bar with a Mexican theme.  I ran into some Bozemaniacs who were all decked out for Mardi Gras. So decked out I could barely take a picture!

Bozemaniacs dressed up for Mardi Gras

Soon my wonderful friend and fellow Bozemaniac, Ashley Stevick joined the party.

Hilary and Ashley

A professional photographer in Bozeman, she kicked my crappy iPhone4s photo’s butt.  And that also means there were more photos of me!  This one is at American Legion.

Hilary bar hopping in Bozeman

Pub 317 (which is St Patrick’s Day) was our next stop. Ashley took some more amazing pictures!


American Legion stop

This one had some live music, but we needed to move on. Only one hour left and two more stamps needed to complete the full bar crawl!  We decided to run into one bar that was more like a club for a stamp, and headed to our last stop, The Eagle’s Club.  Here was a great American bar, with a great American band.

Bands in Bozeman

And we ran into the dressed up Bozemaniacs who were having a blast on the dance floor!

Dancing Bozemaniacs

Dancing Americans

I have to say I love the fact that these Americans dressed up for Mardi Gras. I forgot how we can just dress up for anything! Next year I will be wearing a much more festive outfit :)

All in all it was a great night, a great way to get to know Bozeman, Montana, and the hang over was not bad the next day! Yay water!


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