Antique Shopping in Bozeman

Old CansYesterday we were on a mission for something to go above the TV.

So where do Californians who are trying to be country go?

Antique shopping of course!

Bozeman has a great Antique Trail, with 10 different antique shops.

Luckily we didn’t have to go to all of them, as two were large and right next to each other.

Antique shopping is cool, I love old stuff. But it is interesting what is considered antique or not.

In Europe, like Sweden and the Czech Republic, this stuff is junk. Antique shopping is REALLY old. Like 100s of years old.

Antique Shopping

Antique shopping in the United States, or at least Bozeman, seems to be many things in Europe that would just be at a pawn shop and considered cheap.

Antique tools

So basically you just put a higher price tag on it, and it becomes antique! Maybe I should open an antique shop…

In any case, there is something very unique about antique shopping in Bozeman…

Stuffed roosters

I have never seen a stuffed rooster before, let alone two!  There was also a very cowboy and Indian feel to it, but that is all over Bozeman.


And, while this thing looked cool, I didn’t really know what it was. Some kind of stove? Any guesses?

weird stove?

In the end we found what we were looking for, giving the house an even more country look (or at least the look of trying to be country).

cow skull

Well worth it! Well, maybe not worth the price tag on that one. I don’t think antique shopping is for me just yet. But I could spend hours and hours taking pictures of old things!

Antique Shopping

And there are some cheaper deals.  Also, a tip on antique shopping in Bozeman. Ask for a discount! If they can, usually they will knock off 10%.


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