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Welcome to Bozemaniac!

Bozeman, Montana. A little town with everything, surrounded by mountains and stunning views wherever you turn.

After traveling the world the last 9 years, this is where I land.  Thanks to good family and good fortunes. So my life adventure continues with my life in Bozeman.

What to expect

Here, you can expect the following topics to make your experience in Bozeman that much better, see what Bozeman has to offer, or just to be jealous over the amazing life I live.


Beer and Breweries in Bozeman

Bars in Bozeman


Events in Bozeman

Rediscovering America in Bozeman

I’m sure as I start experiencing Bozeman more, more interesting topics will be included. And always, make sure to check out my Blog for recent and personal experiences for activities in and around Bozeman, Montana.

This site isn’t just for me. I hope my readers will comment and tell us all of the great experiences they have had in Bozeman.  Spread the love!

Who I am

So who am I? I’m just a girl who loves adventure, and loves to share it with the Internets.

I’ve been fortunately enough to travel Europe, live 8 years in the Czech Republic and almost 2 years in Sweden. I’ve vacationed all over and have gotten a rich taste of various cultures and met amazing people along the way.

Now I have the amazing opportunity to experience Bozeman, Montana, meeting the wonderful people here and have even more awesome adventures.